• Vision

    Being a green and prosperous municipality in 2020.

  • Mission

    To provide quality services by practising a noble and professional work ethic in order to provide a high standard of living conditions.

  • Objectives

    To become an internationally recognised and certified municipal council.

  • Functions

    • To plan the development of Sepang in an orderly and balanced manner.
    • To provide up-to-date facilities that cater to the local socio-economic development.
    • To provide a thorough hygiene, health and contagious diseases supervision.
    • To develop scenic and eye-pleasing landscapes all over Sepang.
    • To improve the quality and transparency of the Council’s financial management and accounting capabilities.
    • To cultivate a work culture that is driven by the latest development in information technology.
    • To license all business and hawker activities and advertisements in Sepang.
    • To establish a fruitful relationship with local residents through planning; and social and cultural activities.
    • To continually improve and accelerate administrational processes through excellent staff service, positive values and a high level of integrity.
    • To enforce municipal regulations and by-laws firmly and fairly.